Set in 80's Japan, play as a man eating ramen with his wife every week as you discuss everything from the trivial to your greatest hopes and fears. Made for a 48 hour game jam with the theme PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE.

Press the spacebar to advance and use your mouse to pick between dialogue choices. Pay attention to the dates!

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  • Original music, art, and writing
  • Unconventional dating simulator
  • Japan setting
  • Credits:

    Writing: Emily Pitcher and Ashley Lu
    Coding: Johnny Wan and Evan Charfauros
    UI: Emily Pitcher
    Art: Emily Pitcher, Nikita Siahaan, Ray Hsiao
    Music: Emily Pitcher and Evan Charfauros


    Download 61 MB
    Download 61 MB


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    It is a very nice game, but somehow I don't understand the plot where the girl passed away...


    Pay attention to the dates-- the girl has been dead the entire time and the main character is talking to a hallucination/ghost/whatever interpretation you want to have.

    Oh Thank you!! That's why you said to pay attention to the dates! I paid attention to all the other dates except for the last one haha


    Yay! Glad it makes sense now :)

    Wow I like artist! and also I like pixel games!

    Thank you!





    Ramen's good.

    How long is the game supposed to be?

    The game is ~20 minutes.

    Thank you!


    i really enjoyed the flute cover of plastic love

    Aw, thank you! I was the one who did that -- in fact, this entire game wouldn't exist without Plastic Love because I based this visual novel around that. :)