• Press left and right arrow keys or A and D to walk around.
  • Hit space/enter/mouse click to interact with objects and progress the game.
  • Press escape to access the settings, except in the title screen

I'll Come Back to You is a heartwarming game for those wondering whether they should hold onto their dreams.

Musical prodigy Mary returns home for the holidays after ruining her first solo performance, wondering if her loved ones will accept her despite her failure as an artist. But coming back isn't so easy. Her hometown is full of memories of her discovering her love for jazz with her dad, and she wonders if she should have picked a traditional career path.

Will she find the love she deserves?


  • A short wholesome story about appreciating the small joys in life
  • A side-scroller about exploring Mary's hometown
  • A reminder to show those you love your appreciation
  • Made in 60 hours for a game jam, with the theme "Present"

(Note: The Linux version is untested and may have bugs. Windows users may experience some UI issues for some screen resolutions.)


I'll Come Back to You (Windows).zip 35 MB
I'll Come Back To You (macOS) 43 MB
I'll Come Back To You (Linux) 49 MB


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it was really heartwarming, thank you for making this!

Thank you, it means a lot!

The game itself is very simple. The soundtrack was good. The pixel art part is... Well as I say, it's VERY simple, But the story was the important part, Which I liked, And what have we learned of this game, Is that if you have made a mistake, DON'T get it like "That's it, I lost!", Because you haven't. Everyone does one, even if they don't want.

Keep Up The Good Work!

Thanks for this video and your feedback!

:0 that was the best how ever long i spent in the game ever!

at first i was unsure if i could play the piano because i'll be getting one next year,but the ending gave me more hope! 1000/5 great game:D

Aww thank you!

Oh, that was really affecting <3

Aw, thank you!

I love this game ! It's very relatable. Working in the art field (or studying for it) is truly tough. I wish I had a family as supportive as hers ! 

Aw, thank you!

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deep story

Thank you so much!