Ludum Dare 50 has just started. You hop in a Discord call with your friends to figure out what game you're going to make. At first, your game has promise, but it soon derails as your team members cannot agree on what game to make.


  • Press and hold A and D keys, or Left arrow and Right arrow keys, to move left and right.
  • Press Spacebar, W, or Up arrow keys to jump. Hold for longer jumps.
  • Press O to open the options/settings for the game.
  • Jump onto platforms with words to select it/pick that response.

*Spoilers for Doki Doki Literature Club are in this game.


  • UI: Julia Lee
  • Audio: Ben Young
  • Writing: Emily Pitcher
  • Programming: Richard Cheng, Peter Sutarjo
  • Art: Julia Lee, Caroline Wang, Tiffany Shen, Megan Xu
  • Voice Acting: Peter Sutarjo, Richard Cheng, Emily Pitcher, Megan Xu, Caroline Wang, Ben Young, Julia Lee
  • Special thanks to Secret Lab for developing Yarn Spinner, the basis for our dialogue and voice over system.

Feel free to check out the source code for our game on Github.


Delaying Ludum Dare (Windows) 50 MB
Delaying Ludum Dare (macOS) 59 MB


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most of the way through the game I died at one point then my cube just kept constantly re spawning right above a pit causing a perpetual loop of me just constantly falling to my death. so at that point the game became unplayable but fun concept none the less


Yeah that happened to me too. But the talking in the background was fun


My social anxiety went through the roof  

Went through spikey hell a bunch, not sure what to do after


Не разобрался что делать :(