"How am I supposed to be whole without you?"

Meet Mei, a shy, Chinese-American high school student dealing with the sudden passing of her mother. After losing all of her mother's recipes, Mei embarks on a train...only to realize her ancestors have boarded as well. She must uncover her mother's recipe for traditional noodles while learning about self-love, grief, and healing.

Experience a story of growth through reliving precious moments with family and cooking. A Taste of the Past is a relatable and touching journey about holding those you love close.

  • Complete cute cooking minigames. Gather ingredients from your ancestors to chop vegetables, fry noodles, and wrap soup dumplings.
  • Experience a cozy, heartwarming tale. Write poetry, talk about boy troubles, and re-discover why you started painting.
  • Stylized hand-drawn art.
  • Original voice acting, writing, art, and music.

Follow us on Twitter to hear about our next game and support us on Ko-Fi! This game was originally made for Ludum Dare 48 — you can check out the jam version here.

*Our WebGL version does not support full-screen. In order to experience our game full-screen, please download the version for your computer!


Contact: sonderingstudio@gmail.com


A Taste of the Past (Windows) 111 MB
A Taste of the Past (macOS) 120 MB


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If crying in h mart were a game and about being chinese american

Hey, are u a New Order fan?

Thank you for this beautiful game!

If you want, you can check my full game playthrough here:

this game made me very emotional and made me appreciate my mom more and I wanted to hug her but she's outside rn, 10/10 almost made me cry


thank you!

*cries in knowing the fact my farmor tries to pass on her culture*

I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating such a beautiful game! The artwork was stunning and the writing felt so realistic. I couldn't tell if it was based on a true story or just excellent writing! Decided to record this a while back and I was completely swept up in the experience.

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this too realistic,it like real life,fuiyoh,the train stuff aint realistic but ok,same goes to the train bell cuz that aint how a bell sounds like,but overall this is pretty asian and chinese,im asian,btw what noodles are the game based on?

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Beautiful game and cute mini-games! Congrats to the team! 

Had to ask my parents to translate the Chinese characters after my Let's Play & Narrate stream...and I enjoyed myself too much whilst narrating the puppy.

How cute, thanks so much for playing our game!

It was very beautifull!

Thank you!

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I keep playing this game over and over its just so pretty!

Thank you!

Hi! I've run into a bug in the game where it will not allow me to progress pass the washing hands mini-game. No matter how long I click and hold and allow the bar to fill up, the mini-game never completes. I've also tried downloading the game on steam and itch, as well as trying to play it in the browser but I still got stuck at the washing hands mini-game. 

You're only supposed to wash your hands up to the black line!

Yes, I know that. I always allow the bar to pass the black line and I’ll continue to hold but I’m still stuck as the mini-game never completes.

It is not supposed to pass the black line. You let go at the black line.

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The game is so nice! The minigames are well-made and the story is bittersweet. <3

Aw thank you!


very sweet, the minigames were incorporated well and were very effective for how simple they were

even though i havent had the same experiences the writing made me emotional u_u

Thank you!


i'm not a person to cry at games but this one really got me


Thank you :)


ok, you got me, i'm crying TT

this game served as a cute little reminder to just hug the people you love extra tight... the writing, art, and voice acting were all so beautiful and emotional. great job on this game!

as someone who also dealt with the loss of a parent at a young age like mei, a lot of the things she said resonated with me. it was kind of like, "wow, it's not just me that thinks that?" haha, and so it was both rly relatable and comforting.

p.s. the little minigames were so cute, too!

Thank you so much!